About Us

In 1998, Dr. Lee (Northwestern University, Evanston) developed a unique lotion with super-hydrating natural ingredients to help relieve his neighbors from dry, cracked skin. Feedbacks from these initial trials were used to improve the formulation of the lotion. Word about the effectiveness of the lotion spread, and in only a few years, thousands of people could attest to the unique hydrating properties of doctor’s formula.

DK ELAN launched a single product, Silky Smooth Foot Lotion in 2001.  Strong customer demand prompted the company to introduce Silky Smooth lotions for the hands, body and face these products were proven to be equally effective as the foot lotion.

Silky Smooth products have an unmatched capability to restore the dry, cracked skin, and for this reason, have been trusted and recommended to others by our customers for years. DK ELAN will continue the improvement of both formulation and quality for the satisfaction of our customers.