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Face Lotion

Silky Smooth Face Lotion penetrates directly to the cellular level to heal dry, scaly and wrinkled skin.  DK Elan’s unique rich formula keeps your skin smooth and problem-free all-day long.

 ● Excellent moisturizer for dry, scaly, wrinkled skin.
 ● Dramatic improvement in the texture, tone, and overall radiance of your skin.
Body Lotion
Silky Smooth Body Lotion penetrates directly to the cellular level to soothe and heal dry, scaly and itchy skin. The long-lasting formula keeps your skin smooth and problem free all-day long.
 ● Remedy itching instantly
 ● Clinically proven to restore dry, itchy skin by dermatologists
Hand Lotion

Silky Smooth Hand Lotion penetrates directly to the cellular level to nourish and heal dry, scaly, cracked skin.  Its super-hydrating formula softens cuticles and conditions fingernails as it soothes and heals dry, cracked skin.
 ● Excellent moisturizer for dry cracked hands
 ● Clinically proven to restore dry cracked skin by dermatologists

Foot Lotion

Silky Smooth Foot Lotion effectively moisturizes rough, calloused feet. This emollient rich formula uses unique hydrating extracts to rejuvenate dry, cracked heels and soften the toughest skin, restoring a healthy appearance. It prevents moisture loss,

  Excellent Natural Moisturizer for dry, cracked feet (diabetic, athlete's foot)
 ● Clinically proven to restore dry, cracked skin by dermatologists

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Silky Smooth products have an unmatched capability to restore the dry, rough, itchy, Scaly, cracked skin, and for this reason, have been trusted and recommended to others by our customers for years.

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